Do you have a favorite song? Favorite musician?
Have you heard of restaurants that serve food in the dark? Here we will explain something similar.

It seems to you that you know your favorite songs very well, most of them you have memorized, have you listened to them many times already?
However, when you are in warm water, making minimal movements just floating on the surface in absolute darkness. Your brain shuts off the work of unnecessary functions at a given moment and a new kind of perception appears. Familiar melodies leave a completely new impression and create more vivid feelings. You can no longer listen to the melody and voice of your favorite artist only with your ears, but also with your whole body through the vibrations of water. In absolute darkness, your consciousness draws your favorite music and displays it through colors and shapes. You may be able to create your video clip, with your thoughts, using music. Bring a modem to a session with your favorite music or just plug in your phone and create a session full of unforgettable impressions. If you listen to music, you now have the opportunity to see and feel it fully.

You can choose the music of your choice and it is free in all programs.